TI-7000 LTE GPS Tracker


The TI-7000 is an LTE asset tracker with ultra-long standby time. Depending on reporting frequency, its low consumption internal battery can provide up to 3 years of working time on a single charge. The TI-7000’s strong magnetic base allows for effortless installation onto any metal surface, and a light sensor will be triggered and an alert sent once detachment occurs, helping users to feel totally assured that their assets are under constant protection.


Additional information

LTE: Cat M1 & NB2 & GSM

The device can receive and transmit data in the coverage of 4G and 2G network.

10,000 mAh Battery

Allows ultra-long standby time, rechargeable battery

Tamper Alert

When light exposure is detected by the light sensor, you'll get notified of device removal.

IP65 Dust & Water Resistant

Rugged and reliable design ensures stable operation in tough conditions.

Strong, Built-in Magnets

Can be attached on any metallic surface tightly, quick and easy installation.


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